Wednesday, October 31, 2012



First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!

Ok, now down to business. I forgot something really important that I wanted to share on this blog yesterday! 
Ok, so when Joshua and I were going to go to the store, we had to go fill up our car first, ok actually that has nothing to do with anything because actually what I wanted to tell you was that he was driving really fast and a little bit crazy and he wasn't using his blinkers at all and it was driving me crazy. Sooo on one of his lane changes I said "nice blinker bub" and he said "You know what, cars didn't always have blinkers" and I said "sooo....?" and he said "So we should use them sparingly, they really are a precious commodity." what a dork.

And everyone needs to hear about what Peter is up to because you will all be thoroughly amazed and jealous. Last weekend, he went to St. Louis and saw the play of Les Miserables. Didn't I tell you all that you would be jealous? He even made sure to text me and tell me how amazing it was just about 12 times. It just about killed me. But now thats all over and he is back to his normal life, you know saving the whales and eating pineapples all day long.

So thats what I have to post right now. 

ok, I guess that I will post about our Halloween so far. Joshua dressed up as an angel and I dressed up as Joshua:

NAILED IT. even down to the socks and weird face. I'm just too good. I like the picture on left, it makes my hair look long. 

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